A protest rally in support of the people’s demonstrations against the corrupt Islamic regime

منتشرشده در


In the past few days in different cities of Iran, we have witnessed a vast and massive gatherings of people’s protest to the centers of power and symbols of the Islamic Republic of Iran by  people.

In addition to suppressing, arresting, beatings and firing tear gas, the Islamic regime tried to prevent protest rallies by using water sprinklers. The Islamic Republic, which has survived only by the slaughter and repression of the people, is submissively trying to reduce the energy of the social explosion in various ways.

In recent days, dozens of protesters have killed, hundreds have been injured and thousands have been arrested or subjected to arrest.

Persian solidarity  invites you to come and join us in the opportunity of a public gathering to overthrow the corrupt Islamic regime

In front of the Iranian embassy in London on 6 January 2018 at 14:00 hours.

16 Princes Gate




Dedicated to all those who struggle for freedom and democracy for Iran

Long live freedom, long live Iran



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